Rathaus Kanton Zürich

Government Council of the Canton of Zurich

Words of welcome by the President

Canton Zurich is such a beautiful place to be! What makes our canton so special is the astonishing variety that exists within such a small area – with everything from the high hills of the Oberland and the picturesque vineyards of the Weinland to clean rivers and lakes and a pulsating, extremely liveable city. Canton Zurich is the economic, social and cultural heart of Switzerland. It’s also an outstanding, internationally renowned centre of education.

An intact economy with healthy businesses is key to wellbeing and prosperity. The task of the Canton Zurich authorities lies in making sure the optimum framework is in place and assuring a high quality of life. This includes an excellent education system, stable legal structures, safety, security and good healthcare for members of the public, an advanced transport infrastructure, solid financial policy and a broad cultural offering. It’s a great joy and honour for me and my colleagues on the Government Council to work for the benefit of Canton Zurich.

Silvia Steiner, President of the Government Council

Silvia Steiner, President of the Government Council