Members of the Government Council

Government Councillor Ernst Stocker

Regierungsrat Ernst Stocker

Head of the Department of Finance since 2015
Head of the Department for Economic Affairs 2010-2015
President of the Government Council 2015/2016

Party membership: Swiss People’s Party (SVP)
Place of origin: Wädenswil
Date of birth: 20/4/1955
Domicile: Wädenswil

Professional activity

1983Farmer (federal master diploma)
Until 2007ran his own farm, also training apprentices

Political activity

1987–2010Member of the Cantonal Parliament
2003/2004President of the Cantonal Parliament
1998–2006Councillor of Wädenswil
2006–2010Mayor of Wädenswil
2006–2010Member of the Steering Committee of the Association of Municipal Mayors of the Canton of Zurich