Members of the Government Council

Government Councillor Markus Kägi

Regierungsrat Markus Kägi

Head of the Building Department since 2007
President of the Government Council 2017/2018 and 2012/2013

Party membership: Swiss People’s Party (SVP)
Places of origin: Zell, Winterthur and Niederglatt
Date of birth: 25/2/1954
Domicile: Niederglatt

Professional activity

1973Completed business traineeship in a notary’s office
1977–1979University of Zurich (Faculty of Law), auditor
1983Zurich Notary Diploma
1980–1996Deputy notary in Riesbach, Zurich

Political activity

1978–1986Auditing Committee (chairman for 6 years) in Niederglatt
1986–1994Councillor, Master of Works in Niederglatt
1991–1996Member of the Cantonal Parliament (President of the Cantonal Parliament 1995/1996)
1996–2007Ombudsman of the Canton of Zurich
2005–2007President of the European Ombudsman Institute