Members of the Government Council

Government Councillor lic. iur. Mario Fehr

Regierungsrat Mario Fehr

Head of the Department of Security
since 2011
President of the Government Council 2016/2017

Party membership: Social Democratic Party (SP)
Places of origin: Adliswil
Date of birth: 13/9/1958
Domicile: Adliswil

Professional activity

1984Degree in Law from the University of Zurich
1984/85Academic assistant at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich
1985/86Intern at Zurich District Court
1986–1988Intern at Horgen Juvenile Court
1989–1994Educational Work Training Facility Uitikon
1992–2008Teacher at the School for Technical Professions Zurich (TBZ)
2006-2011President of the Swiss Society of Commercial Employees

Political activity

1986–1994Member of the Parliament of Adliswil
1991–2000Cantonal Parliament
1994–2010Councillor in Adliswil
2000–2005Constitutional Council
1999–2011National Council, Member of the External Affairs Committee and of the Commission for Science, Education, and Culture