Members of the Government Council

Government Councillor Dr. rer. nat. Martin Neukom

Regierungsrat Martin Neukom

Head of the Building Department since 2019

Party membership: Greens
Place of origin: Rafz
Date of birth: 7/7/1986
Domicile: Winterthur

Professional activity

2006Completed apprenticeship as technical draughtsman (machinery designer)
2009Degree in mechatronics from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
2009–2011Academic assistant at the ZHAW Institute of Computational Physics (ICP)
2016Master’s degree in solar energy engineering from the University of Freiburg (Germany)
2011–2019Engineer and product manager at Fluxim AG

Political activity

2008–2012President of the Young Greens (political party) Switzerland
2014–2019Member of Parliament of the Canton of Zurich – Member of the Planning and Building Committee
2017–2019Member of the executive committee of the Swiss Pedestrian Association (Fussverkehr Schweiz)
2017–2019Member of the cantonal party executive of the Greens