Members of the Government Council

Government Councillor Jacqueline Fehr

Jacqueline Fehr

Vice-President of the Government Council 2020/2021
Head of the Department of Justice and Home Affairs since 2015

Party membership: Social Democratic Party (SP)
Places of origin: Rüdlingen, Schaffhausen
Date of birth: 1/6/1963
Domicile: Winterthur

Professional activity

1987Degree as a secondary school teacher, phil. I
1988–1994Secondary and specialist subject teacher in Zurich
1991–1994Second degree course in psychology, management and political science with intermediate diploma qualification
1994–1996General secretary, Department of School and Sport, Winterthur
1997–2002Self-employed organisational consultant
2002–2012Project associate
Owner of atelier politique, various mandates
2013–2015Executive Master of Public Administration MPA, University of Berne

Political activity

1990–1992Member of the Communal Parliament, Winterthur
1991–1998Member of the Cantonal Parliament
1998–2015Member of the National Council
Vice-President SP Switzerland